Berlin Film Awards 2018 | Best Film- Touch Me Not

By   March 8, 2018

Berlin Film Awards 2018. Berlin International Film Festival and Award giving ceremony has been arranged at Berlin, Germany in February 24 2018. In this award best film is Touch Me Not and best actor & actress Anthony Bajon & Ana Brun.

Berlin Film Awards 2018

Award have given for different categories. We introduce you with award owners. Reuters reported that Total 396 films competed in the festival’s various sections. With approximately half a million admissions and more than 300,000 tickets sold, Of the 24 films that screened in the 68th Berlin Film Festival’s competition section 19 compete for the Golden Bear. Among them international productions such as the Gus van Sant’s “Do not Worry, He Will not Get It Off”, acting in Joaquin Phoenix; And David and Nathan Jellner’s Western comedian “Virgin,” starring Robert Pattinson and Mia Wasakova.Berlin Film Awards 2018

The Berlinale is considered the largest publicly attended film festival in the world. Actor Antony Bakhon received silver bears as the best actor in the film ‘La Prair’ a drug addict. Berlin, Germany, February 24.

Shilpak, director and screenwriter Malgovata Shmaska ​​received the Silver Bear Grandjury Prize in ‘Fash’. Berlin, Germany, February 24. News by Reuters. Elenha Ocopnia has earned silver bears for outstanding work in the field of clothing and production. Berlin, Germany, February 24.

List of Berlin Film Awards 2018

Winners of the 2018 Berlin International Film Festival

Golden Bear for Best Film: “Touch Me Not,” Adina Pintilie.
Silver Bear Grand Jury Prize: “Twarz” (“Mug”), Małgorzata Szumowska.
Silver Bear for Best Director: Wes Anderson, “Isle of Dogs”.
Silver Bear Alfred Bauer Prize: “The Heiresses,” Marcelo Martinessi.
Silver Bear for Best Actress: Ana Brun, “The Heiresses”.
Silver Bear for Best Actor: Anthony Bajon, “The Prayer”.
Silver Bear for Best Screenplay: Manuel Alcalá and Alonso Ruizpalacios, “Museum”.
Audi Short Film Award: “Solar Walk,” Réka Bucsi.
Silver Bear for Outstanding Artistic Contribution.
Costume or Set Design: Elena Okopnaya, “Dovlatov”.
Silver Bear for Short Film Jury Prize: “Imfura,” Samuel Ishimwe.
Golden Bear for Best Short Film: “The Men Behind the Wall,” Ines Moldavsky.
Best First Feature: “Touch Me Not,” Adina Pintilie.
Berlinale Glashütte Original – Documentary Prize: “The Waldheim Waltz,” Ruth Beckermann.

Golden Bear, a film director, screenwriter, editor and producer Adina Pintili, has won the title of ‘Touch Me Not’ in the best film category. Reuters reports Wes Anderson has received the best director’s acceptance from ‘Ole Of Dogs’. Bill Murray took silver beer for him.

Update news of Berlin Film Awards 2018

Director and Screenwriter Marcelo Martinis earned Alfred Bawa Prize for ‘Las Herdaras’. Actor Anna Brass got the silver bear in the Best Actress category for ‘Las Herdaras’. For more update about science and technological news, like our page. Leave your comment, like our Facebook Page.

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