Sridevi Died Due To Drawning In a Bathtub

By   February 28, 2018

Sridevi Died Due To Drawning In a Bathtub. Bollywood superstar actress Sridevi ( Sri Amma Yangar Ayapan) died due to “accidental drawning” in a bathtub, according to a forensic report noticed by local media news.

Sridevi Died Due To Drawning In a Bathtub

BBC say, Dubai Police released the report to sridevi’s family, Exposing mark of alcohol were found in her dead body. According to “Gulf news” the world’s reliable media, she lost balance accidentally, fell into the bathtub and drowned. But before that media reports, legend has died because of heart attack.Sridevi Died Due To Drawning In a Bathtub

About of Sridevi Died Due To Drawning In a Bathtub

Media say, in confirming with family member, Sridevi

went Dubai to attend her nephew’s wedding ceremony in Dubai of Arab Emirates with her daughter Khushi, and husband, film producer Bonny Kapoor. Initial reports claim Baney Kapoor and Sridevi attended dinner together at 5.30pm on Saturday, 24 February before Actor Sridevi went to the bathroom to prepare for the evening.

Dubai based Newspaper Khaleej Times say that Kapoor forced himself into the room after receiving no response, only to find Sridevi ”lying motionless in a bathtub full of water”.

Sridevi Died Due To Drawning In a Bathtub 2018

According to the Dubai government’s Officials, Srivedi’s Autopsy has been completed and the cause of death is also known. The report was given to the Srivedi’s family and Indian Consulate. The actress Sridevi Kapoor’s funeral had to be held on Monday in Mumbai of India. However, due to the report the dead body may be delayed to come back.

Legendary Bollywood actress Sridevi passes away in Dubai on Saturday, 24th of instant she was 54. Initially Doctors said, she was died of Heart attack. But her brother in law Sanjay Kapoor revealed Sridevi had no history of heart disease.

Sridevi was 54 years old at the time of her death. She is the wife of renowned director and producer Boney Kapoor. This couple have two daughters. At the time of his death, the husband and her daughter Khushi Kapoor were beside her bed.

Sridevi was born in 13 August, 1963 in Tamil Nadu, Indian state. Sri Amma Yangar Ayapan is the real name of Shridevi. But in the cinema industry he is known as Sridevi. Sridevi has acted in many popular movies of Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada and many languages. She got the India’s fourth highest civilian award “Padmasri” in 2013. Besides Sridevi was the highest prize winner among Indian female actresses.

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